Handouts & Demo Info

Cindy Drozda Finial Box (Added Nov 16, 2019)

Detailed instructions on the Finial Box Cindy Drozda turned during our live video demonstration.

Finial Box 

Sanding 101 (Added May 30, 2019)

Detailed sanding routine courtesy of AAW member and woodturning artist Brad Adams.

Sanding 101

Lyndal Anthony Demo (May 2019)

Here is a link to Lyndal’s website, where he posts updated versions of the various checklists and informational documents referred to in his May 18, 2019 demonstration.

Turning Spheres (April 2019)

Here is diagram used to layout a sphere blank, along with links to several articles on sphere turning:

Spheres – Octagon Method

Finishing Reference Sheets (March 2019)

Here are 3 reference sheets from our March 9, 2019 demo:

Classifying Finishes  — Guide to Finishes — Oil Finishes

Pendant Resources – Alan & Lauren Zenreich (February, 2019)

Here is the resource document Alan Zenreich mentioned during the demo he and Lauren did: Bay-Lakes-Pendant-Resources

Basket Illusion (January, 2019)

Here is a resource list and instructions Pete Schuh prepared for his demonstration: Basket Illusion – Pete Schuh.

If you would like to see different patterns and gallery photos of the Basket Weave Illusion go to Pinterest or YouTube and search – Lincoln Seitzman, David Nittmann, David Brazelton and Jim Adkins. You will be able to see their designs. ENJOY!

Sharpening (November, 2018)

Gerald Jensen’s notes on using the Ellsworth Jig on your Wolverine: Using the Ellsworth Jig with your Wolverine

Saturn Bowl (September, 2018)

Several members asked Lynn Heupel how she made the Saturn Bowl she displayed in the Instant Gallery. Here is a link to a handout by Jason Clark detailing the process.  Here is a photo of the 2 pieces he makes in his demo.

Collets for tool handles using common plumbing fittings (May, 2018)

Collet Handle – Using Plumbing Fittings

Turning a 6-Sided Vase (May, 2018)

This project ( Turning A 6-Sided Vase ) was based on an article titled ‘The Lost Wood Process’ by Lowell Converse that appeared in the Spring, 2000 edition of American Woodturner, the journal of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW).

Tower Top (Werner Witek – February 2018)

Resource materials on the Tower Top – Warner Witek – Feb 2018 presented at our February 2018 meeting. Link to Youtube video of Werner Witek’s demo: February 2018 – Tower Top

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